Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is your car making you sick? Take a closer look at automotive cleaning products.

September 23, 2008—Portsmouth, New Hampshire—Eco Touch, a cutting edge manufacturer of earth-friendly and people-safe car care products wants consumers to “de-tox” their cars this fall-- inside and out.

According to Eco Touch Founder and CEO James Dudra, “The green cleaning movement has focused almost entirely on household cleaners, while Americans’ second homes, their cars, have been overlooked. Americans spend an average of 25 minutes each way in their daily commute, yet few realize they can now choose to green their car interiors and say goodbye to the toxin-laden automotive cleaners of the past.”

Traditional car care products contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds), synthetic fragrances, and other harmful components that can lead to headaches and cause chemical sensitivities, allergic reactions and other health-related problems. Consider that as the temperature inside your car raises, the chemicals you’ve applied to the dashboard, carpet, upholstery and other surfaces evaporate to form a nauseating brew of toxic fumes.

Eco Touch offers consumers a complete line of car care products that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and free of VOCs, fragrances and dyes. The Eco Touch line includes three cleaners for the car’s interior: Dashboard + Trim; Carpet + Upholstery; and Metal Polish. For the exterior, the company’s Waterless Car Wash conserves water, eliminates toxic runoff, and simplifies the cleaning process.

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